Get out of the rat race by applying the Wealhting principles. Learn how to leverage on your passion to lead high-impact teams and leave a legacy. We help you acquire the skills so you, your organization, and the economy, can prosper together, not at the expense of one another.

    Wealthing® Principles

  1. Collaborate
  2. Create wealth
  3. Learn from actions
  4. Work on becoming
  5. Leverage on passion
  6. Make meaning
  7. Create jobs






Not only we value your spirit and motivation, but your knowledge in entrepreneurship and funding and the refreshing perspective was very valuable for me and for the students.
Your enthusiasm, demonstrated expertise in the area of entrepreneurship and growing wealth, and your capacity to engage with the audience will have a lasting impact on all who had the opportunity to meet with you.
These thoughts are a must read for anyone interested in economic development and prosperity, anchored on the individual.
Creating wealth is a much broader concept than entrepreneurship and we need to form professionals with that view. We look forward to your next workshop.
If you have an idea and want to create wealth, you need to contact Alicia and follow her ideas.
Dr. Zuno Kristal., Kristal Coaching
Your model of creating wealth and markets is fascinating. I knew there had to be an alternative to Schumpeter’s creative destructionism, but I didn’t know how to frame it. Thanks for an amazing conference.
Excellent presentation on creating high-impact businesses, and managing the financial crisis. Our CEOs were delighted by your experience. Thanks for making this a remarkable event.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. We particularly enjoyed the practical tips and reflections. We look forward to having your future seminars.
Giancarlo Ibargen. Rector. (President)., Universidad Francisco Marroqui. Guatemala
Your presentation completely changed the way I view my role as an academic and as a head of this institution. Attending your second seminar with a group of driven entrepreneurs helped me clarify the meaning and importance of shifting our approach to education, with the aim of increasing wealth for our country, and overcoming poverty.
Prof. Daniel Soto, Rector. (President)., Instituto Profesional Santo Tomas
Many thanks for your most fascinating presentation. I found your presentation subject very interesting and have opened my mind to many interesting issues related to the academic and research field. Thanks.
Prof. Waleed K Al-Zubari, VP Academic Affairs. Editor-In-Chief, Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research, Bahrain
You can explain Venture Capital and Angel Investing like no other. We received many compliments about the structure, the format, the delivery and most importantly, your connection with the audience.
Marcelo Rabba, Founder, CEO., Circulo, Chile.
Thanks for talking to our members, we wanted more! You are an awesome and refreshing source of knowledge, and your enthusiasm is contagious. We look forward to our next workshop.
Mariela Beuses, Leader coach., SP-coaches. USA
Alicia Castillo Holley  is an extraordinary leader in the field of entrepreneurship. She is one of those rare people who manage to combine the roles of educator, trainer, scholar, practitioner and business-facilitator with prowess, passion and flawless style.
Professor Kelvin Willoughby, MBA Director and Professor of Entrepreneurship & Intellectual Property., Curtin University of Technology, Australia
You do bring a sense of the achievable to the world of entrepreneurship. Anyone interested in starting and developing a global business should seek you out.
Tracey Hodgkins, CEO., Australian Experiential Learning Centre, Australia.